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The World is waiting to witness the Biggest IoT Exhibition & Conference – Saudi IoT

The World is waiting to witness the Biggest IoT Exhibition & Conference

About Saudi IoT

Saudi IoT is the flagship event focusing on the growth and development of technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. The aim of Saudi IoT is to shine light on the enormous potential offered by the growth of online technologies as well as applications and services built around IoT platforms. Saudi IoT is a tribute to the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, which sees Emerging technologies as a necessity and the key to finding smarter ways of doing business and adding value to the economy.

Why get Connected?

Saudi IoT is your once-a-year opportunity to:

  • Catch up with your current customers while meeting and developing new customers
  • Show the world your latest technology and equipment
  • Expand your business network and grow your connections
  • Catch the eye of industry experts, international media, young professionals and students
  • Acquire qualified leads and opportunities
  • Explore new business opportunities and alliances

Key Objectives:

  • To explore the potential and benefits of IoT across all aspects of the Saudi economy
  • To substantiate how IoT offers opportunities to accelerate the Kingdom’s growth & economy while improving the quality of life
  • To be instrumental in enabling the development and deployment of the Internet, which eventually plays a significant role in ensuring the success of IoT
  • To help create comprehensive IoT strategies to ensure that the technology develops cohesively and rapidly in the region
  • To enable both the private and public sectors to take full advantage of the coming wave of IoT and digital transformation
  • To ensure that consumers and businesses do not face barriers in adapting to the growing demands of digital transformation
  • To aggregate available technologies and devices to maximize the potential of their IoT ecosystems
  • To define and implement National Strategies for the Internet of Things
  • To address the challenges and threats of IoT
  • To tap the opportunities presented by the latest IoT trends
  • To ensure efficient device management & scalability to meet future needs and security