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BizCube – Saudi IoT


BizCube - Saudi IoT's B2B matchmaking platform.


Saudi IoT BizCube is a venture platform in general for participating & non-participating Companies. A platform to schedule short meetings to initiate business networking. A new element introduced in this edition to enable business connections which eventually help achieve RoI. A purposeful and profitable business opportunity for all.

BizCube is a B2B matchmaking platform OPEN for all. A 20-minute speed meeting(s) can be scheduled between participating & non-participating companies, delegates, potential partners & investors from within KSA and internationally. The participants can register as:

  • Exhibiting Companies - Participants offering products/solutions (Sponsors, Exhibitors, Investors)
  • Service Providers / Hosted Buyers - Participants looking for business connections (Exhibitors, Start-up companies, SMEs, Individuals)
BizCube Features:
  • Meeting Pods at the Exhibition hall equipped with table & chairs
  • 500 appointments over the 3 days
  • Creating / Adding your company profile for the public view
  • Prescheduling a 20 mins meeting with the Exhibiting Companies
  • Mobile app with the B2B matchmaking tool
How to register?
  • Each participating company or delegate should register with a company profile or individual profile with complete details of products, solutions or services offerings
  • Participants’ profiles will be available on the website and in the Mobile App.
  • Each participant will be able to view the profiles & request meetings online with other participants.
  • Meeting requests MUST be confirmed by both the participants in order to schedule a meeting.

How to register?

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

Who will you meet?

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