Saudi IoT - The region's BIGGEST Technology Event!

Saudi IoT is the portal to unprecedented opportunities in the technology sector, which is on a path of exponential growth in KSA. The all-inclusive technology event will bring together the tech leaders, innovators, visionaries, technocrats, tech giants on a single platform to promote the ‘Digital Transformation’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Key Highlights of Saudi IoT 2021


Saudi IoT Conference

An immaculate Conference, discussing the future of the Technological Revolution, promoting innovative & inspiring ideas on the journey of Digital Transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference is aspiring to meet up to the expectations from a corporate to a common man year over year consecutively. A line-up of outstanding speakers will shed light on how Emerging Technologies are transforming businesses and is creating unparalleled & profuse opportunities for the growth and development of the Kingdom’s economy.

2020 Conference Speakers

2020 Workshop Speakers

Testimonials / Feedback

“It was a very organized event, with many positive outcomes. We had the honour to on-board new customers to Mobily, moreover, showcase our new solutions to our existing client base and visitors.” –

Eng. Majed Al Otaibi
Eng. Majed Al Otaibi Chief Business & Wholesale Officer. Mobily

“Saudi IoT poses a great opportunity to connect industry ICT providers in KSA and the region, helping accelerate the growth of the IoT applications in alignment with Vision 2030. Saudi IoT event is an opportunity for IoT developers and applications providers to develop solutions to support the country digitization and National Transformation program. Zain KSA provide connectivity and platform to support IoT Verticals.”

Eng. Saad A. Al Sadhan
Eng. Saad A. Al Sadhan Chief Business And Wholesale Officer, Zain

“From last year experience, it is clear that Saudi IoT exhibition is a very unique event both to showcase the achievements of AEC and to understand trends, competitors’ positioning and clients’ needs. Last year I had a chance to appreciate the very specialized focus of the exhibition that tremendously helped to generate productive discussions with clients and potential partners, which we have leveraged since then. This year, AEC has so much more to showcase and a tremendous appetite to get a deeper, first hand understanding of trends and perspectives. We also want to get into thoughtful discussion about value creation through IoT with existing and target clients. I am confident that, thanks to its laser-fo-cused specialization, Saudi IoT exhibition provides unparalleled opportunities to achieve those goals.”

 Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej
Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej CEO and President AEC

"The SaudiIoT Exhibition provides great and unique opportunity to shape up the Saudi IoT industry trends and markets, a place to meet and dialogue with key technical personnel, IoT service providers and developers in the Saudi market and worldwide. The Exhibition is also a great moment to showcase MachinesTalk technical capabilities, IoT solutions and products, and its role in the market as a Saudi IoT company. Our participation will offer new insights about the IoT field, and a chance to establish new ties and partnerships with both beneficiaries and business partners."

Eng. Nawaf Alshalani
Eng. Nawaf Alshalani Managing Director, MachinesTalk

"Participating in the Saudi IoT Exhibition is a great chance to introduce the university to the local market and shed some lights on the human and technical capabilities we have. Also, it is an opportunity to establish strong ties with local and international technology providers and developers. Such presence will motivate both students and faculty to conduct specialized research and develop new knowledge and applications in this vital field."

H.E. Prof. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Alhamid
H.E. Prof. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Alhamid Rector of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University (Sponsor)

“Dallah Trans Arabia took a strategic decision to be a major player in the IoT market in the MENA region. We entered a strategic alliance with Qualcomm (USA) JV Thundersoft (China) to serve the needs of the market. We are in the Saudi IoT to announce this new business unit and to meet existing clients and make new ones”

Mr. Ammar Hassan Kamel
Mr. Ammar Hassan Kamel Executive Director. Dallah Trans Arabia

"It is a successful event attracts many business and individuals who are engaged or interested in IOT solutions"

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Azzam
Dr. Abdulrahman Al Azzam Senior VP ICT Business, Advanced Electronics Company

“We have always supported, and will always continue supporting the Saudi IOT conference, through the conference we promote technology development in the region as well to introduce the market to our innovative use of technology to solve real-world problems.”

Mr. João Teixeira
Mr. João Teixeira Commercial Director, Obeikan Digital Solutions

“Attending and participating in such events is very important to showcase SEU as unique model for applying digital transformation in education in Saudi Arabia. Also, SaudiIoT provide a great chance for SEU to explore more digital solution that could be beneficial for SEU future development.”

Prof. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Almuaqel
Prof. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Almuaqel Rector, Saudi Electronic University

“Saudi IoT is an excellent gathering for industry professionals and brands like EZVIZ to showcase, exchange, and create awareness. The Middle East region is a most strategic market for EZVIZ. From the event, we expect to showcase our latest technologies, including the AI-enabled C3X, C6Wi cameras and the C3A battery camera, meet with existing partners and clients and make new ones.”

Mr. Albert Hao
Mr. Albert Hao Sales Manager, EZVIZ

“We are pleased to contribute to this event. I believe this is a really great initiative bringing together all key spokespeople in the technology industry in KSA in the same place. We look forward to engage with tech leaders and visionaries to build strong connections.”

Mr. Sami Alshwairakh
Mr. Sami Alshwairakh Country Manager, Fortinet

“Saudi IoT is an important place for us to share our success stories and introduce businesses to the ideal solutions they need for their businesses to grow.”

Eng. Mohammed Alkhushail
Eng. Mohammed Alkhushail Chairman, machinestalk

Thank you so much for such a fun and amazing event. It was truly an honor to be your guest in Riyadh and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of the SaudiIoT event. There are some truly amazing things happening in this part of the world right now, and that is a very exciting and humbling thing to be part of me.

Mr. Kris Bennet
Mr. Kris Bennet Chief Learning Officer, Blockchain Train #BlockchainBeardGuy,

Saudi IoT 2019 was a great experience across dimensions of quality, content, and execution. I got the chance to connect and brainstorm with leading industry practitioners, academia, students, and global speakers who all shared key insights about Saudi Arabia's short and long-term vision in technology. I would highly recommend this conference to anyone interested in IoT and technology in general."

Mr. Hashim Mazhar
Mr. Hashim Mazhar Co-Founder Feynman Robotics

“I attended the opening ceremony and the AI session at Saudi IoT conference. This was the best conference I have attended in Saudi Arabia and the middle east. The quality of the talks and the dynamics of the session including the Q&A and the panel discussion were impressive. I am happy to see the younger generation of Saudis as informed, serious researchers at the international level.”

Dr. Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Professor
Dr. Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Professor EE and CS California Institute of Technology

مؤتمر IoT في الرياض هائل. شركات ضخمة مشاركة في الفعالية. أنا مندهش مما أره، اهتمام كبير في تطوير بنية تحتية لإنترنت الإشياء والأمن السيبراني في المملكة العربية السعودية. شكرا للقائمين على المؤتمر والمعرض

Prof. Mohamed Qasem, Assistant Professor
Prof. Mohamed Qasem, Assistant Professor College of Technological Studies.

“By virtue that the Internet of Things fair is one of the largest technical exhibitions in the world with the participation of more than 200 parties and companies, we expect to shed light on the latest findings of new technologies.”

Mr. Mohammed Al-Besher
Mr. Mohammed Al-Besher Board Chairman, Bcare

“We are anticipation that Saudi IOT 2020 version will witness more engagement from both organisation and individuals to see how can IOT help their business and/or day to day needs. What will measure is the amount of involvement post the exhibition.”

Mr. Bahgat Mostafa
Mr. Bahgat Mostafa Head of Technology & Managed Services, BTC

“At Saudi IoT, we will also have the chance to demonstrate how we can contribute to the cybersecurity risk management of organizations in the country within the Saudi Vision 2030 framework”

Mr. Christos Onoufriou
Mr. Christos Onoufriou CEO, Odyssey

"The SaudiIOT will always be a great opportunity for us to meet our partners in the Saudi market, we had the chance to present our vision in shaping the future of Cyber security, and the challenges that this domain is facing, worldwide and specifically in our region."

Mr. Firas Al Bargouthi
Mr. Firas Al Bargouthi Country Manager, Symantec

“Congratulations to the Saudi IoT Conference organizing team for a job well done! The conference delivered an exceptional learning experience for me. With contributions by major enterprises, government and up and coming entrepreneurs from the Saudi education sector, this conference contributed greatly towards achieving the Saudi Vision 2030!”

Mr. Munir Bhimani
Mr. Munir Bhimani MBLOGIC

“The Saudi IOT 2018 was a historical event. The first IOT in KSA as an exceptional success, well prepared conference setting that engaged audiences. Gather the leading local and international business thinkers and though-leaders. A truly historical event."

Mr. Henrik von Scheel
Mr. Henrik von Scheel Mastermind of the Industry 4.0

"Thanks to the presentations, I have a much deeper understanding now of the critical role of IoT in Saudi Vision 2030

Dr. Ramesh R Rao
Dr. Ramesh R Rao California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

"My thought on Saudi IoT: First, I would like to congratulate you for organizing a successful event, it was really full of useful discussion and valuable presentations. I am very proud to see KSA leading the IoT initiative in Middle East."

Mr. Ahmed Abdelgawad
Mr. Ahmed Abdelgawad Central Michigan University

"The value for which ODS will add by participating in Saudi IoT is to associate with the wider market in Saudi Arabia & to demonstrate Obeikan's new Digital facet to Saudi market."

Mr. Abdullah Obeikan
Mr. Abdullah Obeikan Group CEO, Obeikan Digital Solutions

"I expect to see the latest trends in Saudi market concerning IoT and IIoT. How Saudi organizations utilize the new trends of IoT to create opportunities to enhance their current services and offerings . Moreover, I am expecting to see how companies are prepared to handle the concerns created by IoT."

Eng. Hisham Al Makhdoub
Eng. Hisham Al Makhdoub Senior VP of Engineering & Development, Advanced Electronics Company

"We are proud to participate in Saudi IoT and hence to meet all the Saudi stakeholders. Sigfox is actively promoting IoT in the Kingdom, echoing with the Saudi 2030 Vision to become the hub connecting the three continents."

Mr. Nicolas Andrieu
Mr. Nicolas Andrieu Managing Director, Middle East, Sigfox

"Saudi IoT is a huge opportunity for customers and partners alike to understand what IoT solutions can do to transform Saudi businesses. Our expectations are to meet customers and help them understand what is now possible with the rich set of solutions and services Microsoft has to offer in the IoT space."

Mr. Steve Dunbar
Mr. Steve Dunbar MEA IoT Commercial Director, Microsoft

"Saudi IoT is a flagship conference that attracts innovative ICT players solving KSA's industries' challenges by digitization. This conference is of strategic importance to showcase what the Kingdom can offer in terms of IoT technology and key enablers , and helps draw foreign investment. This conference unlocks the true potential in the kingdom in the next 5-10 years across the wider economic, social and environmental ecosystem that would be enabled by IoT platforms.

Dr. Tarig Mohammed Enaya
Dr. Tarig Mohammed Enaya Senior Vice President of Enterprise, STC

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