Saudi IoT 2019 - An Astounding success!

Thank you all for making it a grandeur

Saudi IoT 2019 Redefining Communications

Saudi IoT is the portal to unprecedented opportunities in the technology sector, which is on a path of exponential growth in KSA. Saudi IoT 2019 will showcase new and innovative concepts, offering opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and businesspeople to build partnerships with international firms. Global businesses will also benefit by being able to build a local presence through Saudi partners. This event is the only bridge of its kind between regional and international technology players.


Saudi IoT 2019 is also unique for its spotlight on startups, with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurs to take their IoT ideas to the next level.



Capture the Flag Competition at Saudi IoT

Trend Micro the TITLE SPONSOR, organized the 1st Saudi Capture the Flag (CTF) this year at the Saudi IoT Exhibition, to look for the best talents in cyber security industry.

The qualifying teams from the Saudi CTF will attend the Arab Regional Finals that will be held in Egypt on the 22 September 2019 and the winner of Arab regional CTF will qualify to join the Trend Micro International competition in Japan later this year. Click the image below for more details.


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