About the Conference

Saudi International Exhibition for the Internet of Things presents the 1st Annual Saudi IoT Conference. Our panel of visionary leaders, engineers, executives, and developers, will present on cutting-edge technologies in the IOT industry which are dramatically shifting business strategies and changing the way we live, work, and play.

The Saudi IoT Conference 2018 will showcase insightful keynotes, case-studies, and breakout sessions, focusing on smart solutions leading the Kingdom in IoT technologies into 2030 and beyond. Explore the ways in which the Internet of Things is re-defining communication within the Kingdom and what that means for the future of business. This is an exciting time to be in IoT, the future is here!

Telecom Session

This session will focus on analysis of the current telecommunications industry of the Kingdom. From there we will provide insight into how the growth of IoT will impact the telecom industry. We will explore the significant transformations that have taken place in the tech landscape in the recent times. There will be a look into how and how telecom companies will define strategy that supports and enhances the next generation of smart devices.

HealthCare Sessions

This session will focus on how IoT is transforming the healthcare industry completely by redefining how apps, devices, and people interact and communicate with each other to deliver healthcare solutions. We will explore the numerous applications for IoT in healthcare. Topics include: remote monitoring, smart sensors, and medical device integration. The objective of IoT in healthcare is not only to keep patients safe and healthy, but to improve how physicians deliver care as well.

Smart Living Sessions

This session will focus on a comprehensive analysis of the on-going initiatives in smart living technology. We will explore the four technological dimensions of the IoT ecosystem. Topics include: overall architecture, communication infrastructure, smart sensors and actuators, user interfaces. The highlight of the session will be on cutting-edge IoT technology which empowers our elderly population to self-manage their own health, stay active, healthy, and independent as long as possible within a smart and secured living environment.

Smart Transportations Sessionss

This session will focus on the future of automated smart transportation. From metro trains, bullet trains, and consumer cars to public transport through the mass transit systems within our cities. These topics will be explored in connection with the business opportunities of development and consumer adoption. Topics include: connected cars / vehicles, traffic management, vehicle tracking management system, environmental concerns, and quality of life for consumers.

Smart Cities Sessions

This session will focus on smart city development; how to identify and implement an ecosystem within a smart city, and also the social and societal considerations. Topics such such as improving sustainability, quality of life, and economic performance will be discussed. We will explore technologies and toolkits available for smart cities and discuss various connectivity modes available (Wifi, 5G, Fiber, LPWAN) and which are the most suitable for smart city applications.

IoT Enterprise Sessions

This session will focus on some of the main sectors of enterprise who are embracing IoT within their workflows. We will discuss the various applications of IoT from tracking of freight and fleets, to use in asset management. We will also explore how oil, gas, and energy companies are getting involved in the IoT industry. Experts in their fields will talk about how some of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises are currently utilizing IoT—resulting in higher productivity and reduced costs.

Data & Security Sessions

This session will focus on how businesses can manage IoT-generated Big Data for intelligent decision making. In this session will delve into both consumer and business concerns over security as a result of the increased connectivity from IoT. We will talk about the current market response to perceived threats in security and will look forward to possible solutions for the future.

Innovations & Technologies Sessions

This Session will focus on how The Internet of Things has expanded the number of Start-up companies and the role these companies play in the tech transformation within the Kingdom. We will explore how Saudi IoT will be a platform for businesses from Start-up level and beyond to showcase the latest innovation across the entire IoT ecosystem. This session will include case studies & a live demonstration on the latest in IoT technology applications.

Explore The World of Internet of Things

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