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Saudi IoT seeks to achieve these key objectives:

  • To explore the potential and benefits of IoT across all aspects of the Saudi economy
  • To substantiate how IoT offers opportunities to accelerate the Kingdom’s growth & economy while improving the quality of life
  • To be instrumental in enabling the development and deployment of the Internet, which eventually plays a significant role in ensuring the success of IoT
  • To help create comprehensive IoT strategies to ensure that the technology develops cohesively and rapidly in the region
  • To enable both the private and public sectors to take full advantage of the coming wave of IoT and digital transformation
  • To ensure that consumers and businesses do not face barriers in adapting to the growing demands of digital transformation
  • To aggregate available technologies and devices to maximize the potential of their IoT ecosystems
  • To define and implement National Strategies for the Internet of Things
  • To address the challenges and threats of IoT
  • To tap the opportunities presented by the latest IoT trends
  • To ensure efficient device management & scalability to meet future needs and security