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The Anatomical – Saudi IoT

The Anatomical

The Anatomical

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We’re a startup company aims to take the way anatomy is being taught to the next level. Using an interactive platform which is customized to the need of the student will make it an experience of its own . the student will have to pay for the monthly subscription with a low charge. Our platform will focus on the anatomy and histopathology. The website will feature its facilities through two modes the tutor mode and the quiz mode. The anatomy will be explained on 3D models and the diseases will be explained by the histopathology as well as the theoretical part. starting with the tutor mode , well show the normal anatomy of the colon and the the normal histology, after thet the student can precede to the diseases of the colon by having a look on the histopathology to understand the disease process more. Then there is the quize mode in where the students can test themselves. The body systems will be featured fully and the student can choose anyone.

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