Dr. Moudhi Aljamea


Dr. Moudhi Aljamea


Dr. Moudhi Aljamea is the Digital Technology General Manager at stc Academy.

Dr. Moudhi Aljamea has a PhD in Computer Security Algorithms Design from King’s College London, Dr. Aljamea currently is the General Manger of the ICT School at STC Academy ( Saudi Telcom Company) as the first Saudi women who occupies an executive position in the company and she have a vast experience in cyber and information security. Prior joining STC, she was the president of entrepreneurship unit and business incubator and an assistant Professor in cyber security at Imam Abdurrahman Bin Faisal University, and considered as one of the Saudis experts in the computer security field.

Her main field of interest is Cyber Security attacks in the Cyber war also, the use of (AI) Artificial Intelligence in Cyber security . She also takes an interest in the field of on-line digital identity in Social Media. Additionally, she develop many security algorithms, published several papers on them, and participated in many conferences around the world giving talks about her areas of expertise. Dr. Aljamea got one of the top professional certifications in computer Security (Certified Ethical Hacker V10) CEH which is an international well recognized certification in the cyber security field.