Hashim Mazhar


Hashim Mazhar

Co Founder,
Feynman Robotics



Hashim operates at the intersection of Technology, Business and Products. With an educational background in Robotics, Fully Autonomous Systems and Big Data, Hashim’s experience has spanned 2 successful startups and a Fortune 500 company. He has contributed to the aviation, consumer goods, warehouse logistics and quantitative finance domains during this period.

Hashim received the Academic Excellence Award from the Al-Bukhary Foundation and the Best Student Award during his undergraduate degree in Robotics in a graduating class of 4,996 students at IIUM, Malaysia. He has a Master’s degree in Fully Autonomous Robotics Systems from McGill University, Canada and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA in Big Data and Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam. He is active in the start-up scene in Amsterdam in the area of Robotics and AI.

Born in Riyadh, Hashim has lived in 4 countries and travelled to over 35 more for education and work. He enjoys leading highly-ambitious, innovative and multi-cultural teams to deliver future-proof technologies and services. He is currently based in the Netherlands.