Mr. Hassan ALGarni


Mr. Hassan ALGarni

Deputy Manger of National Platform Program

Hassan is entrusted with the responsibility to act as the Deputy Manager of the National Platforms for Digital Transformation Program (NPDT) of Saudi National Information Center (NIC). The NPDT is the cornerstone for having Digital Transformation at Saudi Arabia and Hassan is responsible for the Solution Architecture, Design and business development of these platforms.He is particularly involved with the National IoT Platform and the National Licences Platform.

He brings over 16 years of experience to my role, including experience working with research & development, service management and projects execution. In order to harvest best of the breed technologies and approaches Hassan is pragmatic in my approach, and I investigate and perform due diligence of the practicality of an idea and technology before initiating it within my organization. I am a prolific reader and attend vendor and industry leader conferences/workshops whenever my busy schedule allows.

I use design thinking methodology in identifying MVPs to execute my initiatives and I am a thought leader within NIC to create a COE for Digital Transformation.