Mr. Ibrahim Al-Baloud


Mr. Ibrahim Al-Baloud

Fathom Solutions

Ibrahim is a visionary leader and primarily focused on providing technology solutions through innovative digital technologies and consulting services to create a competitive value and more agility to the enterprises to overcome the business challenges companies face today.

He has seventeen years’ experience in all aspects of business and technology consulting, general management, strategy development & execution, business development, gained by working with global industry leaders like Oracle and IBM in Saudi and start-up tech companies globally.

He has rich experience in emerging technologies development. The diverse knowledge and expertise enabled him to address multi-dimension challenges in several areas, performance management, and optimization of the assets, processes, and workforce to minimize Opex cost and maximize utilization of Capex.

Ibrahim believes all industries under disruption and the early market players that achieve agility creation; through operations digitization of processes, people, and assets will transform markets.

He is inspired to provide Artificial Intelligence and autonomous operations and strive to accelerate the digital transformation through technology enablements.

He has contributed to several professional societies and groups. He is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium. And mentor for KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute.

In 2018 he earned a global EMBA from IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was 18 months of studying on campus and abroad over Switzerland, China, Brazil, and the US in Silicon Valley.

Currently, he is leading Fathom Solutions Company that has three offices in Saudi, UAE, and the US.