Mr. Mohammed Al-Besher


Mr. Mohammed Al-Besher

George Washington University- USA

Master In Finance

On the way to success journey in order to achieve our ambitions we strive to get them in reality of our business, we need to develop a clear vision for the future of our company “Broker Care” looking forward to meet local and regional leading position in Insurance and Reinsurance services via diverse group of activities based on robust grounds using most modern management systems to manage insurance brokerage through which we seek improvement at all levels of system, management and expansion to provide unique service supported by integrated protection and high level of care offered to our customers as well as to support insurance awareness among those customers through which our company can become a pioneer company in KSA brokerage market of insurance and reinsurance; taking into account the values and principles of our company besides to successfully achieve our business through our customers satisfaction, and provide customers with total coverage to safely run their businesses.

We therefore in “Broker Care” are very ambitious to step forward steadily in KSA insurance and reinsurance market. And depending on our serious efforts and our high qualified team, we are seeking to position our company amongst other insurance brokerage leading companies in KSA through our strong relations with Insurance and Reinsurance companies operating inside KSA or abroad. As a consequence, we present our commitment to provide the best insurance services that are specially assigned and designed based on our customers’ needs, asking Allah to give us power to lead you to more success.