Training Courses offered

Training Courses offered

The future literally depends on three technologies. IoT, AI & Blockchain. The "Quest & Meet" race for newer Technology is ON and these are none other than IoT, AI & blockchain -  Saudi IoT makes it simple to grab all that you can & be ahead.

  • IoT of Things (IoT) Applications
  • Understanding Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence - Present & Beyond




1. Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

Course Description:

IoT promises to reshape the world throughout its applications. IoT applications allow a business to leverage real-time data to optimize business processes. In addition, IoT applications allow users to improve their quality of life. IoT applications include smart home, smart transportation, smart cities, smart energy, smart healthcare, industrial applications, and more. The purpose of the course is to allow the participants to build an entire IoT system from start to finish for different applications. Participants will get their hands wet with software and hardware throughout real applications. Thus, they will be able to come up with innovative ideas that have a broader impact on society.


Who Should Take This Course?

  • Technology Developers
  • Technology Consultants
  • Business Experts
  • Technology and Engineering Students
  • Anyone with an interest in the IoT
  • Anyone wants to build a career in the IoT field


What You Should Know to Take This Course?

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic understanding of applications concepts


What You Will Learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will learn:

  • What are the current IoT applications
  • Overview of the systems and architecture for an IoT Application
  • Understand how IoT devices interact together
  • Learn about the protocols that are used by IoT devices
  • Selecting sensor, hardware, and communications technology based on applications
  • Discover the different platforms that are available to develop applications
  • Learn about commercial IoT devices that are available
  • IoT design considerations, constraints, and interfacing
  • Prototyping your own application
  • Understand the current challenges of the IoT
  • Understand different IoT applications such as:
  1. Health Care
  2. Wearables for Healthcare
  3. Smart Building
  4. Smart Home
  5. Smart Parking
  6. Water Management
  7. Gas Monitoring
  8. Efficient Waste Management in Smart Cities
  9. Environmental Monitoring
  10. Infrastructure Health Monitoring
  11. Structural Health Monitoring
  12. Connected Vehicles


2. Understanding Blockchain

Course Description

Blockchain is a highly secure version of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and it is claimed by some very high-profile supporters that it has the capacity to revolutionize the way financial institutions manage both payments and compliance  obligations,  and  businesses will change the way they trade goods.

Its supporters  speak  of “world changing” possibilities whereas its critics are  not  convinced that “secure” is really possible in the light of the numerous cyber breaches that have taken place recently. Is Blockchain the answer?

This interactive workshop  describes both Blockchain and DLT in language that the non-IT specialist can understand. It covers the topics in detail and offers a balanced and measured description of the possibilities on offer.

Colleagues from both financial and non-financial industries seeking to understand the subject in greater detail and wanting to be able to debate with either enthusiastic or cynical colleagues the merits of this “new frontier” technology.

The second day will focus on the Ethereum technology and will go into details of building financial products like security token on top of blockchain while presenting the various architectures used in Europe and the US. The third and last day will be dedicated to people with a computer science background. After a quick overview of the cryptography used today in Bitcoin and Ethereum, attendees will write their first smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain using solidity.

Participants will:

❖  Deep dive into principles, operations and constraints of blockchain

❖  Identify clues and variants of the ecosystem

❖  Understand the impact of the blockchain on employment, and identify skills required for

jobs of the future

❖  Learn to identify good use-cases at the micro and macro scale



Day 1: Blockchain Overview & Use Cases

➢  Byzantium General’s Problem & Bitcoin Solution

▪  Assets and transaction ledgers

▪  Byzantium General’s Problem

▪  The Bitcoin Approach

➢ Blockchain: Revolutionizing the traditional business network

▪ Exploring a Blockchain application

▪ Why is it called Blockchain?

▪ What makes a Blockchain suitable for Business?

➢ Do you need a Blockchain?

▪ Where does a Blockchain make sense?

▪  Supply Chain Management

▪ Interbank and International Payments

❖  The Legacy System

❖  Distributed Ledger Technology for Interbank Payments

▪ KYC (Know Your Customer)

▪  Other use cases

Day 2: The Ethereum Blockchain, building financial products on blockchain

➢  Ethereum: A blockchain infrastructure

▪  Ethereum ecosystem

▪  DApps and DAOs

▪  Smart contract concept and Introduction to mist

▪  What is Ether, Gas?

▪  Casper Update

Mining Ethereum and impact of moving to Proof of Stake

➢  Blockchain: Shaping the future of financial products

▪  Security token

▪  Why are banks interested in blockchain?

▪  Building security tokens on Ethereum

▪  Equity, bonds and derivatives on Blockchain

Day 3: Blockchain Evolution, Building Applications on Ethereum

➢  Public & Private Blockchain Overview:

▪  Hyperledger

▪  EOS


▪  Stellar

➢  Beyond Bitcoin Blockchain:

▪  Side-chains

▪  Atomic swap

▪  Lightning network

➢   Introduction to cryptography

▪  Cryptographic Hash function

▪  Hash pointers and data structures

▪  Digital Signatures

▪  Public key as Identity

▪  Example of a simple Crypto Currency

➢  Ethereum Workshop

▪  What is a smart contract?

▪  Solidity

▪  Presentation of a Turing complete smart contract

▪  Installation of the Ethereum environment

▪  Creating your first smart contract on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

3. Artificial Intelligence - Present and Beyond

Course Description:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that quite young field which is first stated in 1950s. It is still constantly and actively growing and changing. In this course, the participants will learn the basics of modern AI as well as some of the representative applications of AI. Along the way, the course will give the basic understanding of the numerous applications and huge possibilities in the field of AI, which continues to expand human capability beyond our imagination.


During the training participants will learn:

  • The course willexplain the artificial intelligence theory and fundamentals,
  • The participants will learn the basics and applications of AI, including: machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, neural networks,
  • The participants will be able to talk about basic AI applications.